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Adult Leather Spur Strap 5/8" x 15" Nylon Strap 5/8" - Master Bulls Brazilian Made

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The Leather Spur Strap  is the best way to get started with straps and accessories in rodeo riding. This would be a great package for both bareback riders and bull riders!

All of these straps are made of high strength leather which is a good quality material for these types of products making them some of the best on the market! These are made in Brazil by Master Bulls.


includes a Pair of Each

2x Black Nylon Spur Straps


  • 1 Pair of Adult 5/8'" x 15"  Adjustable Fold Nylon Strap w Leather Eye Inserts- used for keeping your spurs on your boot
  • Up to 15" of Adjustment on Nylon Strap