EPT Bull Ropes

Bull Whip - Paracord Black & Lime Green 16 Ply - 5ft Handmade

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EPT Novice/Economy Bull Whip - Black & Lime Green Paracord Nylon on Leather Bolsters 16 Ply -5 ft Handmade

  • 24" leather Cracker (Very loud)
  • Includes Storage Strap and 2x Extra Cracker replacments
  • Cowhide Leather is used in complete whips core.
  • Cowhide Leather 8 Plaits Braided Under Paracord.
  • Inside the Overlay, Two Layers of Cowhide Leather Braided Bellies and Two Layers of Cowhide Leather Bolsters.
  • Handle is 9 inches long and has a Steel Rod inside.
  • Hand Crafted Product
  • The Whips length is measured from the base of handle knob to the end of the braiding portion.